In the Between is an exquisite, limited edition, 165-page coffee table book featuring the celebrated photography and inspirational writing of Sister Rose Marie Tulacz, S.N.D. Offered in four sections—Being, Life, Celebration, Acceptance—the reader is taken on a journey through the wonder of God’s creations. These thoughts unfold as the lovely words and photography of Sister Rose Marie work together to celebrate the beauty of the world in which we live.

As the words and beautiful visuals of In the Between will have a lasting impact, so too will the purchase of this book. The entire $100 price will be donated to the work of the Sisters of Notre Dame in Njiro, Arusha-Tanzania. Specifically, your donation will help raise the $300,000+ necessary to build a much-needed women’s center and elementary school for these families, considered the poorest of the poor.

In the Between offers you a thoughtful, spiritual journey to enjoy for a lifetime, and puts God’s beautiful creation to work for our neglected friends across the globe.