With a borrowed camera and a $20 bill, Sister Rose Marie Tulacz, S.N.D., set out to photograph the wonderments of God that surround us all. A Sister of Notre Dame for the past 27 years, Sister Rose Marie is an artist and photographer known as "The Nun with the Nikon" and the "Ansel Adams of Photography." She, like her fellow Sisters, has pledged her life to the service of the world’s poor.

Sister has been fascinated with life's wonders, design, and the magic of
light as long as she can recall. "Photographing natural things is a way of being in touch with them and with oneself. To me, life is a gift, and the opportunity to photograph the emotion on the face of a child or the magic of a flowing stream is one of the privileges of being alive.

"Photography is a very powerful tool that allows you to touch people, to evangelize. You become attuned to capturing the emotions and beauty of that moment. Seeing God's creations makes you realize you are a part of something much greater.

"In the busy schedules of our daily lives, we all need moments when we can be mindful and reflective, and very often visual images do just that. I capture all this with the aid of a camera and a daily dose of spiritual inspiration and prayer."

She networks and sells her work as greeting cards and framed works throughout the United States through her ministry, Notre Dame Creations. Many of her cards in English have been ordered in Spanish, Vietnamese, Korean, Gaelic, Polish, Italian, and Tagalo. This ministry of the Sisters of Notre Dame has raised valuable funding for their life and charitable work.

She has exhibited her work in California, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, New York, Iowa, St. Louis, Michigan, Minnesota, Indianapolis, Washington DC. New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, and Texas.